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Professional Staging Solutions Throughout NYC

Anyone who has ever put together a large event knows the importance of careful planning when it comes to staging equipment. Every small detail needs to be accounted for, from where guests will sit on stage to the placement of speakers and stairs. AV Group provides frontline staging equipment rentals to meet all your event needs and ensure the big day is a success.

Stage Equipment Rentals

Different types of events need different staging equipment, and we can accommodate virtually any need. We can provide stages, risers, platforms, and everything else your setup requires. You can rent just the stage itself, or work with us to get every bit of equipment—from speakers systems to stage stairs—taken care of. We also offer stage skirting, drapery, and more to enhance the aesthetics of your stage. Our inventory includes products from top names including StageRight, Wenger, and more.

Staging for All Types of Events

Consider all the possibilities for your event, and we’ll bring the equipment to make it happen. Large outdoor concert? We’ll build the stage according to your specifications and outfit it with top-of-the-line speaker systems. Holding an awards ceremony with many guest speakers? We’ll build and outfit your carpeted stage with a podium, microphone, seating, and whatever other A/V equipment you’ll need, complete with stairs for your guest speakers to safely step on and off stage. No matter what your event entails, we’ll work to provide a solution that accommodates your needs and budget to deliver an event you’ll be proud of.

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Imagine being able to utilize one single company for all of your presentation needs, from stage rental equipment to audio and light solutions. AV Group is here to do it. We can handle all your sound, lighting, and audiovisual needs, and we’ll handle the presentation and staging side of things too. Call us today at 516-823-9494 for a no-obligation consultation to learn how we can make your next big event in the NYC area a hassle-free success!