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Women's Economic Empowerment Event at their NYC

In observance of International Women's Day, the Commonwealth Secretariat hosted a Women's Economic Empowerment Event at their NYC office. Business leaders and volunteers from across the world came together to promote and provide advice and support – across governments, the private sector and civil society – in fostering a more inclusive, just, and prosperous world for women and girls. It is acknowledged that realizing this vision will lead to a more inclusive, equitable and prosperous world for all, irrespective of location. This impactful event was broadcasted worldwide - streamed via Zoom for the benefit of many guests unable to attend. AV Group handled all streaming, camera services, audio and sound production, video and all technical requirements. We take pride in our contribution to this enlightening and influential local event!


Women's Economic Empowerment Event


The NYC Office of the Commonwealth Secretariat


New York City

Services Provided:

Staging and Event Services

Video and Audio services for event

audio production services NYC

International Women's Day Event

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